WWE’s New Era Is Here. How Can They Capitalize?

WWE’s New Era Is Here. How Can They Capitalize?

Professional wrestling fans worldwide gathered around on Tuesday, July 19, to see WWE bring back their classic draft.With one of their television programs, Smackdown!, going live, it was the best decision for them to make. All superstars were divided amongst the two brands, with each having the option to pick starts from their development roster of NXT. With it being almost a week’s time since it took place, this time can be taken to analyze pros, cons, and realistic ideas that came from it.

First off, we’ll address the elephant in the room, Finn Balor has moved up! A certified fan favorite and veteran in the ring, his time is past due. Now that he’s here (on RAW, the flagship show), it’ll be interesting to see how they use him. Newcomer to WWE, AJ Styles has been drafted to Smackdown, while Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are staying on RAW, which could be beneficial. For those who don’t know, all four were members of the Bullet Club in New Japan Pro Wrestling. AJ Styles rose to popularity after Finn’s (then known as Prince Devitt) departure for WWE. Reviving the club with Balor wouldn’t be bad, but it would mean a Face/Heel turn for someone.


Next up, the Women’s Division should be discussed. They’ve seen an extraordinary increase in popularity since the Diva’s Revolution began last year. Charlotte being drafted to RAW means the title will stay on that brand. They’ve received a number of divas on their roster, which will heavily aid to that. Sasha Banks, arguably the most possible female wrestler there is a top contender, along with former NXT standout, Nia Jax. It will make for a good show to see how everything plays out with that.

A good number of veterans have been sent to Smackdown, including multiple time champions John Cena and Randy Orton. Now what does that mean? In my opinion, it gives Smackdown the opportunity to put over upcoming talent. Cena and Orton both have respective legacies that can get the job done. Also, with Dean Ambrose retaining the WWE Championship at Battleground, it surely will be a big advantage to build certain superstars up.

The Intercontinental and U. S. titles are a given, and the midcard is on the rise. It will be fun to see guys like Cesaro, Apollo Crews, and Neville all compete, but what’s to look for is the tag team division. It’s currently at its peak with teams like The Shining Stars, Enzo & Cass, the formerly mentioned Gallows & Anderson, and the current champions, the New Day. With all the energy coming from these teams, it will be a great mix to keep the division steady.

Lastly, one of the biggest decisions made was the general managers of each show. Stephanie McMahon picking Mick Foley for Raw was ideal, just as Shane McMahon’s picking of Daniel Bryan for Smackdown. Both are known for their years of wrestling and certified leadership skills.

All in all, the WWE has their work cut out for them. In contrast to that, however, is how heavily prepared they are for it. With the numerous amount of talent coming from each roster, their already dominant role in the world of professional wrestling is set to only increase. In the weeks to come, we’ll definitely see the progress that obtain.