Today is Nowruz which is the Persian new year. Nowruz, originally an ancient Zoroastrian holiday celebrating the rebirth of spring is a holiday about welcoming a new day filled with blessings.

Today, it is a celebrated in many countries that consist of the former Persian Empire from Iran to Azerbaijan to Southern Russia all the way to Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and many other regions by both Zoroastrians as a religious holiday but also by Muslims, Jews, Bahais, and other religious minorities as a secular festival of spring! So NOWRUZ MUBARAK and here is a Nowruz playlist featuring hip hop from Persian hip hop artists such as The Secret of Mana to DC artists such as Bibi Bourelly- all tracks much like the holiday of Nowruz embody welcoming blessings and mediating the springtime which are all available to stream.

1. Ballin by Bibi Bourelly

2. Blessings by Chance the Rapper .

3. Shuva by Zusha .

4. Deja Vu by J.Cole

5. ob water by The Secret of Mana

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