SOA: Who is London’s Society of Alumni?

I t is 10:25 PM London time, and I am trying to formulate my thoughts to actually write this article on a topic that is near to my heart. If calculations serve me correctly, it has been a very long 5 years since I truly wrote anything music related. Yes, I was known as the girl who wrote about those hidden musical gems. Yes, I was that girl who decided, at the time, to just stop writing because music was no longer interesting to me. So here I am, in another city, another country, another continent bringing myself officially out of retirement to share with you all this musical gem.

Now, lets set the backstory for this story. A few months ago, I was attending a digital workshop down in Brixton. Of course, I was not expecting to be very associative with those in the workshop. My goal was to come, learn, and then leave after. After arriving at the location of the workshop, there was a kid sitting at a table that caught my attention. He appeared to be very quiet and reclusive, but his style made me keep an eye on him. I could tell there was something more to him than what meets the eye. After observing him in walks a girl with blonde hair and the same urban fashion attire that was put together so effortlessly. Her presence alone dominated the room and in my opinion, I think she knew. Over the next few hours, I watched how both these people I had previously observed would later open up and introduce me to the art collective SOA: Society of Alumni.

Who is SOA? Society of Alumni is a hip-hop art collective based out of South London. The group originated in 2012 out of their love for music and creativity. The group is not just music based, but also have other members in the collective who create fashion, graphic design, and visual arts. The overall main objective of the group is to be the change they want to see within the UK music scene and continue to grow every day through their art.

Society of Alumni x RADAR RADIO Cypher

Being introduced to the collective has open my ears to the authenticity of the group’s lyrical flow. Mula, Vels, iSee, Flewid, Mak, Bad Jay & Devante Vaughan sound cultivates the sound of the 90’s hip-hop era with a modern twist. Their sound can be categorized as a Tribe Called Quest clashing with Mobb Deep with a south London flare. The messages within their music stem from each member sharing insightful glimpses into who they are as young creatives navigating London life. They are a collective who are not afraid to challenge the status quo and say no to anything that will try to hinder them from claiming the success they deserve.

Who is SOA? They are the collective that is bringing something different to the London music scene. They are the collective who are using previous musical formulas from the 90s by making it their own. Contributing a distinctive style that will ultimately progress them forward to be well known. Putting them in the spotlight to be recognized not just as a hip-hop music collective but an art collective that will eventually change the face of the UK’s art/music scene.

You can follow Society of Alumni on all social handles @societyofalumni