Beach Goth Day 2: Killer Acts Save A Rainy Day

or the uninitiated, Beach Goth is a two-day festival put on each year at The Observatory in Santa Ana by surf-garage kings The Growlers. It’s a hedonistic, grimy (in the best way), mutant display where people dress up in gory costumes and groove along to diverse lineups that always have a sense of humor (Devendra Banhart…

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The Subgenres of Hip Hop Music

he musical genre known as hip hop is a phenomenon that has spread and evolved ever since the late 1900’s. Fans of it greatly embrace its presence as well as its impact on the scene. As successful as it continues to be, many are still unaware of how much it has evolved, even causing the…

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“Man on the Moon” the Album That Saved My Life

t the age of 17, a young teenager came into contact with the album that would change his life. An album that would be his shield amidst his battle against his depressive state of mind. This album was Kid Cudi’s “Man on the Moon, End of Day”. The center of this youngster’s depression revolved around…

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