Outside Lands Lineup: Hits and Misses

Outside Lands Lineup: Hits and Misses

It’s official: the outside land’s lineup is released for the 3-day music festival (August 11-13th) in Golden Gate Park.With Coachella Weekend at a close, here’s a list of which acts to get excited for or prepare to skip (depending on conflicting scheduling). First, let’s look at the hits.

The WhoA classic rock sound and legendary hits. You’re sadly mistaken if you think that jamming out to Baba O’ Riley (please don’t call it teenage wasteland…that mistake has been made one too many times).The Who are sure to be a reliably good act, as they boast a career denoted by longevity.

A Tribe Called Quest – We got it from here…Thank You 4 Your service was, put simply, a phenomenal album, not to mention other fun hits such as Can I Kick it? and Electric Relaxation that are sure to have the crowd dancing. Q-Tip possesses an undeniably unique voice and a perfect OSL vibe~They are a must see.

Alt-J – Though taking an unexpected turn with their new music that is seemingly a little less conducive to a music festival, In Cold Blood will still have crowds engaged and close to every single song off of both An Awesome Wave and This is all Yours are exceptional. You can expect a memorable performance.

Empire of the Sun – Following their good reviews from Coachella, Empire of the Sun is likely to be one of OSL’s most talked about acts. They’ve perfected an eclectic yet popularized style that guarantees to draw a large crowd. They have the perfect music festival sound and will be a mood booster for the weekend, most likely with Walking on A Dream and High and Low getting stuck in concertgoer’s heads.

Schoolboy Q – One of the few rap acts this year, Schoolboy Q will be a more intense concert (you may or may not want to try to get in theV middle of this crowd, you’re likely to get jostled around). You’ll definitely want to get some of his lyrics memorized from mainly Blank Face and Oxymoron as his act will end up with lots singing along with his major hits like Man of the Year, Hands on the Wheel, Studio, and more.

Young the Giant – Similarly to Empire of the Sun, Young the Giant is a major uplifting act with songs like Something to Believe In and Silvertongue, they are definitely an act to dance at.

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Vance Joy – Vance Joy is one of the artists that you know more songs than you think. Whether that be Riptide, Mess is Mine, Great Summer, Georgia, Fire and the Flood, or others, there are a lot of hits to see with Vance Joy. His distinguishable voice and simplistic yet relatable writing style makes his act one to anticipate.

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Bleachers – Bleacher’s two new singles Don’t Take that Money and Hate that You Know me are good indicators that his new music is an excellent growth from his last albums. They’re upbeat enough, in addition to former hits such as I Wanna Get Better, to excite the crowd and will be a very fun (hopefully) day concert.

Tove Lo – She is definitely an act to get excited for, with hits everyone knows the lyrics to and a style that will engage the crowd. This concert will be one that will be widely attended and it’ll be interesting to see how her updated sound with her album will translate to her performance.

Louis the Child – Louis the Child’s Lollapalooza set last year is indicative of their no-doubt outstanding act at OSL this year. Their Love is Alive EP, though a mere 6 songs, are all great, with good features like Chelsea Cutler in Slow Down Love, and they’re also likely to be one of the most discussed acts.

RAC – An underestimated act, RAC has some well-known remixes such as I Wanna Get Better (It’d be interesting if perhaps he brought out Bleachers for this performance), as well as fun tracks like Cheap Sunglasses and his new single This Song that are very festival conducive.

K.Flay – K.Flay is sure to produce a high energy set with hits like So Fast, So Maybe and new single High Enough. Balancing the right amount of aggression with her music, she’s a unique performer that won’t have an overwhelming crowd (so try to get front row!)

Maggie Rogers – Music Newcomer Maggie Rogers is a great act highly overlooked as she is less well known. Her entire Now That The Light Is Fading EP is worth a listen with more prominent hits Alaska and On + Off. She’s headed for a great career with her recent momentum, so be sure to see her while you still can with an intimate crowd versus an intimidating one.


Metallica – Though great in their own right, Metallica’s performance will draw a particular crowd at OSL and will stray away a bit from that upbeat vibe spread throughout a lot of the other performers. Though it won’t disappoint if you love their classics, if it’s between the Who or Metallica, go to the Who.

Queens of the Stone Ages – Again, this miss is mostly because of the way their persona fits in with the rest of the performances. It disrupts the festival’s feeling with a bit more intensity, that is a little less welcome especially if during a day slot.

Fleet Foxes – With quite a few hits like Mykonos, they’ve gained an headliner title, but their style is very calming, so if you posses a desire to make it through into the night, this might be an act to skip.

Rebelution – Again, they have a great, relaxed, reggae vibe, but it’s not as consistent with the other acts If you’re looking for a solid reggae act, Rebelution will definitely provide that with their hits, but doesn’t appear to be a must see.


Lorde – Debuting a bit of new material during her Coachella set, she still maintained relatively positive reviews; however, this mix of new and old varying sounds could either blend perfectly this summer or really clash.

Gorillaz – With lots of popular songs, Gorillaz is likely to be a well-attended set, but it could turn a bit too intense bass wise, especially with a packed crowd.

The Avett Brothers – This concert will be less packed which could mean scoring great views. Their sound is really great on album, but because of a smaller crowd and the more acoustic nature of their music, this could blend to be an energy depleting act or a refreshing find.

Mondo Cozmo – Shine is quintessential OSL material, but because they don’t have too many songs released, it’ll probably be a sparsely attended act.

SOHN – Similarly to Fleet Foxes, though SOHN has some great songs like Bloodflows, they could be a bit too relaxing.