Our Top Favorite Podcasts From Millennials Themselves

Our Top Favorite Podcasts From Millennials Themselves

Podcasts are for millennials what radio was for generations of the past. A generation who grew up in the age of the internet simply could not accept the radio concept.

millennials demand control and the podcast format delivers exactly that. With the concept of listening when you want is precisely what makes millennials love podcasts so much. Don’t get it confused though millennials aren’t just the listeners of this modern form of entertainment they are also among the creators. Here are our favorite podcasts from millennials.


A list of podcasts about millennials would be incomplete without you guess it, Millennial. The podcast created by Megan Tan discusses the experience of living in the world as a millennial. What makes this podcast so special is that every millennial in some way can find the experiences of Megan tan relatable. From the challenges of finding a job to the obstacle of moving out of your parents home, it’s all commonplace in the life of a millennial.

Ctrl Alt Delete

The millennial generation is the first to grow up with the internet with all its advantages and disadvantages. In her book, Crtl Alt Delete Emma Gannon revealed to the world how the internet impacted her life. In her podcast under the same name, she turns it around inviting guests ranging from Lena Dunham to Elam Mastai to share their own stories of growing up online.

The Read

On The Read Blogger Kid Fury and Chrissie West come to together every week to bring you the latest or as they call it “the tea” from the hip-hop and pop universe. Directly from the NYC, the duo discuss the headline-grabbing news that has everyone’s attention at the moment.

Another Round

Another Round is hosted by Buzzfeed’s Tracy Clayton and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’s Heben Nigatu. The two discusses anything from race to pop culture. While the show may on some episodes just feature the two talented women the podcast does on occasion invite guests. Guests that include writer Issa Rae and even former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

2 Dope Queens

2 Dope Queens is hosted by Broad City’s Phoebe Robinson and the Daily’s Show’s Jessica Williams. The podcast which comes to you live from Union Hall in Brooklyn features guest comedians for discussions on topics such as race, sex, and gender. These two talent women with the gift of gab bring each topic to new heights drawing you in from the moment you press play.

The Women Of Hour

Lena Dunham the feminist, director, writer, and creator of HBO’s Girls has turned her sights onto the podcast world. Her podcast The Women of the Hour discuss topics such as friendship, love, work, and bodies. As you would expect with Lena Dunham the show is run with a no holds bar approach discussing topics without holding anything back.

The Friend Zone

This insightful mental health and wellness podcast is hosted by media personality Dustin Ross, Francheska of Hey Fran Hey, and Podcaster Assante. The Friend Zone focuses on issues that deter many among us from happiness. Discussing topics such as Shadow Work and deeper relationships the trio aim to heal us all one episode at a time.

Call Your Girlfriend

This podcast hosted by best friends by Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman is as they state “long-distance besties everywhere”. Each other week the besties who live in different states call each other to catch up and discuss the latest trending topics as the world listens in on their discussion.