Meet UofTaste Mag 3.0: Storytellers Welcome

Meet UofTaste Mag 3.0: Storytellers Welcome

As you can see, the site has “again” received another makeover (I think this makes the fifth time in the past three years am I right?). So much so that I think it’s becoming a tradition to update to a new site yearly lol. Jokes aside, as we stated in the coming soon, we didn’t feel what we were doing in the site was impactful enough to really be a game changer in the realms of culture sites and publication.

With that being said, I decided that we should take a mini hiatus and figure out what makes this place a haven for creatives, does, and culture lovers to discover, hear, and be informed about things they love about “our” culture and things that affect “our” current and next generation. From the people behind your favorite brands to artist you love to listen to, from pioneers in the culture game advice and “issues” that are effecting our current status quo within Y and Z community. With all of this in mind, it was my decision to rethink what we were doing and thanks to the amazing team we have here, figured out how to bring the best out of this site.

Without further ado, we are proud to present the new, definitely certain this will be the main vision moving forward, era of what UofTaste Magazine can and what it will become. Let’s start with the site, we have re envisioned the site to focus on the stories being told rather than trying to stay up on current news and trends with mini updates like the bigger sites. We will be developing special site series’s in three to five part styles exclusively for the site. Also, we will be having interviews and open discussions with creatives, pioneers, artists, and respected writers giving their advice, opinions, and stories in a way that some sites only tackle a little or not at all.

Because of this, we designed the site to feel like its’ own virtual magazine. From the featured home area to how each article when read feels like a magazine layout. By doing this, we are able to develop a site that will compliment our new vision of telling stories .

Gone will be current short update articles and daily social posts keeping up with all the daily stories or gossip. Instead, we will be hand selecting “important” current topics, ideas, people, and situations for our series’s with a storytelling twist and perspectives not seen often on many of today’s culture sites. Also, we will have one special long form article on the site each month since our other announcement will go hand in hand with this idea. We don’t want to bombard you with the same articles you see already we want to focus on good, quality stories that you’ll feel is worth your time and energy to read.

So if we are cutting out constant article update what will we be doing? We will be focusing all of our energy into developing digital and print publications of our magazine moving forward which we call “Issues”. Now I know issues are what magazines are already called, but when we say “issues” we mean it in a way that makes each magazine we release a special focal point issue we will be tackling in long form process. We will be releasing five to six issues a year four in quarterly format and one or two special edition issues.

Our first issue will be focused on “Women Only” which will discuss topics, stories, and matters going on in current times with women across the world. With women becoming major players in culture, politics, music,and social issues, we decided this will be the best first step in starting the “issues” movement.

We will be developing a digital issue space on the site for customers to access their issues, via yearly membership or per issue, to read anywhere right through the UofTaste Magazine site. Print issues will also be available to purchase through our new print partner, the new shop, and issue announcements on the site as well.

By giving two amazing options, all from the comfort of one main site, everything will feel connected in unison especially as you see a hand picked article, interview, and cover issues from each issue released showing up side by side on the site with articles written exclusively on the site. More details on other ways we will be distributing issues will be announced in August with the Women’s Only issue releasing in late September.

We are also in the process of creating a native webapp turning our online site experience into a seamless app experience. All that you would need to do is access the site on a mobile browser, click on the option to download, and boom, our site is now an app you can access on your phone no store needed with your articles from site and digital issues all located in one place.

The option is still in the works, but we are proud to announce that we now have notification capabilities on our site that enables you to subscribe to our site for updated content and news that will show on your desktop and cell phone notification. If you haven’t subscribed yet, just remember next time you log on and the bubble pops to enable updates to click yes.

I know this all seems like a lot to take in, but we are definitely excited about this new way we will be telling stories to the world especially within the local area of DC and Baltimore. We understand with The B, Urbanite, and now City Paper closing down Baltimore needs a culture haven to go to and we want to be that place. We were inspired by the sites above to be who we are which made us change what we wanted to become.

We appreciate those sites and hope moving forward we can continue to lead the charge for the local Baltimore community and outside the area. I also want to welcome and thank all the new incoming contributors and partners who are located in Baltimore/DC area. We decided to bring more local contributors and content curators in to better tell local stories, showcase local creatives, and moves while covering overall culture aspects discussed earlier in the pot. I also want to welcome back returning contributors and I am thankful daily for them continuing to grow with this magazine.


For now enjoy the site, read our handpicked favorite articles from the past three years that give a taste of our new vision, see the new articles, and tell a friend we are here to stay. One last thing, in order to better curate content, we will be shutting down our facebook page to focus on our instagram and twitter at the end of the month. However, we will be curating future mag stories through our parent streetwear brand Uoftaste’s facebook page via facebook articles. Oh, if your looking for other articles from the past check our archive space where you will find other articles from the site.

P.S. If you didn’t notice, we took the dates away from all articles because we wanted the stories more than the day it was written to be important like a book that is always writing itself. Call it conscious choice or just plain smart, but like we said before, stories matter here.


Mike Spikes

UofTaste Magazine Publisher