Keke Palmer, Youth Inspiration

Keke Palmer, Youth Inspiration

Keke Palmer. American singer, song writer, actor and overall fashion icon. A beautiful young woman who through her talent and wide imagination has opened several doors for individuals across the world.

Ms. Palmer has set herself apart with her rendition of iconic everyday looks. Her classic yet simple styles of ripped denim shorts to her leather jacket. She understands just how well fashion plays a role in our everyday lives. It helps us to express who we are as well as who we may want to be. When we wake up in the morning we don’t just say to ourselves “clothing doesn’t matter”. We don’t look at them as just being pieces of clothing but as the very stitches that when put together in just the right way showcase our emotions, our reality even. Fashion is more than just a word and that’s just what Keke has shown us.

” The point is: you can never get played when you are being true. Even when you get hurt, you remain a winner”.- KeKe Palmer

Have we ever thought about this when we dress ourselves? Remaining true to who we really are with each and every layer we add on. Life can beat us up a bit and give us a few unwanted bruises theoretically speaking that is. But when we realize just how important it is for us to stay true to who we are and to love ourselves then we remain winners. Life may never be perfect. In fact it may cause you to think twice about the situations that you may go through but just because life isn’t so hot who says your clothes shouldn’t be?


Your style is who you are. Just like the modernized punk rocker look updated by Keke that inspired tones of children. This taught them self expression at a young age. Most kids wouldn’t dare to be seen outside of their comfort zone whereas because of her boldness so many are. Young children deserve and need a positive role model. This is where parents, teachers, and older siblings come into play. Everyone at some point will find that one thing that will not only open their eyes but speak to them in a way that nothing else will. For this gorgeous little girl it was Keke.

Keke inspired her to push limits and be herself in a world that tries so desperately for her not to. There are too many young people in my opinion who have been told what they can not be where as now they are unsure. Lost even. That should never be the case. There should always be an outlet for the youth whether it’s music, style, sports of any sort or even charity. Children deserve to know they matter and to know that they can make it. Let’s show them.