Is Chance the Rapper’s Act of Kindness a New Way to Support the Thriving Black Film Industry?

Is Chance the Rapper’s Act of Kindness a New Way to Support the Thriving Black Film Industry?

On Feb. 24, the movie “Get Out”, written and directed by Jordan Peele, made its way to theaters after a much anticipated wait. In Chicago, Chance the Rapper unexpectedly bought out the Chatham Theater on 87th for to the Sunday, Feb. 26 showing of the movie just for his fans.

According to the rapper on Twitter, all you had to do was “just pull up with ID and enjoy the movie.” As the black film industry is currently thriving, should more celebrities follow his lead and do the same in their hometowns?

Now when I say the black film industry is thriving, it feels like we are continuously putting out strong black films again like back in the 90s. I mean we’ve had “Hidden Figures,” “Get Out,” “Fences,” “Moonlight,” and not to mention the highly anticipated release of the “Black Panther.” And of course we want to support directors and actors, but unfortunately, the cost of a movie night can get pretty expensive.

Photo Courtesy: Karen Civil

In many places a single, regular movie ticket is $13. Many people will choose to bypass the theater especially when they have the option to just wait until it comes to the dollar theater, Redbox, or any other cheaper movie option.

However, that’s not ideal for the films when they first come to theaters. It’s all about the box office. So when celebrities like Chance gives back to his fans while also supporting a black film, it shouldn’t be a bad thing for other celebs to join in on this act in their hometown from time to time. Chance’s act of kindness has even gotten a positive reaction from Twista on Twitter:

In order for the black film industry to continue to thrive, it has to have continuous support. Even if also organizations came together and bought tickets for people in their community, it is still a way to keep the black film industry strong. Movies like “Get Out” is not your everyday black film and we do want to give credit where credit is due to films like that. By doing that, we can get these films and actors the awards and recognition that they deserve.