“I’m In a Space Where I Can Just Create Now So I Definitely Think The Music Will Reflect That” The Rise Of Kaiydo

“I’m In a Space Where I Can Just Create Now So I Definitely Think The Music Will Reflect That” The Rise Of Kaiydo

I first learned of Orlando bred rapper Kaiydo from Pigeon and Planes Daily Discovery feature and was immediately impressed with the young rapper’s flow and delivery on his two debut singles “Red Freestyle” and “Arcade”, the latter of which found Kaiydo rapping over a Sampha sample.

Even more impressive was the fact that he was a fresh 19 at the release of the singles. Since then, Kaiydo has released four more tracks and is one of the headlining artists on the Pigeons and Planes No Ceilings tour. I caught up with Kaiydo at his tour stop at the Rock and Roll Hotel in Washington D.C to talk about everything ranging from the music scene in Oralndo to not just being another Souncloud artist rapping about Dracos and Xan bars. The transcript has been condensed for clarity.

TP : Thanks for taking the time out to talk with me for a second. You did a great job out there by the way. How many shows have you done so far?

KD: This is my probably my tenth show ever.

TP : Wow. How do you like touring so far?

KD : I’m loving it. This is what I’ve been working for all my life to get here.

TP : So how important is your stage performance to you as an artist? I know me personally an artist’s live music is just as important to me as their recorded music. Is this something you care about?

KD : Yeah definitely, It’s something I care about and continue to work at.

TP : I mean for this only being your tenth show you had more stamina than some seasoned artists that have been touring for years now.

KD : (laughter) Thank you

TP : So from what I’ve read about you, I know that you skipped college for graphic design which lead to music and on your Colors & Sounds series each song was inspired by colors. Are these themes going to be present in your new work or are you finding inspiration in different things?

KD : Yeah. I mean for my first project, that was definitely the theme of it. For me as a person, I mean that’s kind of how I make my music anyways. Colors definitely play a role in how I approach my music, but I think in my new projects there will be other themes that will be more prominent.

TP : Speaking of projects, when can we expect some new music from you? Will it still be this year?

KD : Definitely, I plan on releasing a project. Im just working on it

TP : When do you find time to make music?

KD : Ummm whenever (laughs)

TP : Do you have a process hor for you make music or how you write? Or does it just happen organically?

KD : I mean yeah Pretty much. I have no set times. Its just whenever.

TP : So do you actually sit down with pen and paper? Does it stay in your head? Phone?

KD : Phone for now, but I want to get back to pen and paper. That’s actually how I started off, I have notebooks and all that. I like writing. I like pen and paper.

TP : Have you always been interested in rapping or was this just a hobby at first?

KD : I mean yeah, Ive always been interested. I used to see my brothers and cousins doing it in high school.

TP : When did you start thinking this would be a serious pursuit for you?

KD : Ummmm….. Welll…..

TP : Like when you first released “Red Freestyle” were you thinking ok this is my shot or were you surprised by the feedback and you thought let me take it from here?

KD : I was definitely more so surprised by the feedback and that made me put out another one.

TP : Cool, So one thing that really stands about you to me is that your music doesn’t have a lot of references to dracos and excessive drug references. Was that a conscious decision?

KD : I mean I feel there’s definitely a place for that cause it’s just a form of expression, but me I saw that growing up all my life and I don’t really feel the need to glamorize it. Say for instance an artist like Kodak, there’s times when I feel the stuff he says there’s a need for that because it’s real life, its his life. For me, my thought process is I’m not just going to talk about stuff for the sake of hip-hop culture or just talking about nonsense. I don’t ever want to be that kid that’s talking about something that’s not me.

TP : Ok. So you basically don’t just want to be like ok Xans are in so let me talk about Xans.

KD : Yeah. Yeah.

TP : So do you listen to other artists or do you feel it might affect the music you’re making.

KD : Yeah definitely. Do you mean specifically?

TP : Yeah sure

KD : I mean I listen to everybody

TP : Is it more from a competition standpoint or because you’re just a fan of music in general?

KD : I mean it’s both. Like I want to see what everyone is doing, but I also like keeping up with music in general.

TP : Ok, because I know when I talk to other artists they’re adamant about not listening to other artists.

KD : Man people be lying!

TP : I know they be lying, that’s what makes it so funny

TP : So when people think of Florida music they mostly think of Miami. Do you think you’re influenced by Florida specifically or just southern culture in general?

KD : Honestly, I don’t think I sound like a “Florida rapper”, but it’s definitely surrounded by Florida. That’s where I grew up. I would say it’s more so influenced by vibes, positive vibes. I feel a lot of people just jump out with content for content’s sake.

TP : So you’re from Orlando what’s the music scene down there and demographics?

KD : It’s pretty diverse. What’s really big right now is like XXXtencion, that punk-rocky vibe.

TP : Is that sound something you can see yourself ever doing?

KD : I mean yeah it’s a lane. I more so like the aggressiveness. We’ll see where it goes. I feel like Florida isn’t really trying to be mainstream. We’ve got that rebel attitude. No one ever really invites us into hip-hop. You do your thing, build your fan base and you just make your lane that way.

TP : So I actually heard about you from Pigeons and Planes so it’s cool to see how things have come full circle and you’re now on their tour. How have you changed as an artist since Red Freestyle or do you think you have?

KD: Yeah I think I definitely have. I mean life. Life has changed first of all

TP : In a good way?

KP : Yes definitely. I’m in a better situation. I made colors and sounds to get out of a bad situation. That’s honestly what it was.

TP : So you made Colors and Sounds to get out of a bad situation or to get into a better situation.

KP : Yeah to get into a better situation. I’m in a space where I can just create now so I definitely think the music will reflect that. I can’t say how, but I know people will be able to hear that.

Listen to more music from Kaiydo on his soundcloud here and keep an eye out on upcoming tour dates from Pigeon’s and Planes No Ceilings Tour online.