“I Just Want To Come Down There And Help Out”: Know Justice, Know Peace

“I Just Want To Come Down There And Help Out”: Know Justice, Know Peace

October of 2016 was a month filled with confusion and hurt. Understanding that, this is a bit dated and might I add overdue, but is still something in which echoes in the back of several minds.

First off, my heart goes out to the Scott family as they continue to push through such a tragic event. With that being said, one aspect was little to none, if ever considered at all, as a result of the shooting.

The event in which took place was indeed terrible, but were the results/the overall outcome worth it? Like a zit on prom day and your date is some ugly estranged guy your parents picked out, it’s something we don’t necessarily want to happen, but at the same time it does and opens everyone’s eyes because it happens.

One situation that sickened me during the riot would be the death of 26 year old Justin Carr. As the riot continued, he had been fatally shot to the head that night in the uptown Charlotte area. Watching the event take place was nearly spine tingling as the tragic moment broadcasted on SnapChat for moments until (as you know what their famous for) deleting. The mother of Carr believed that her son had died for a cause as she also had done the same marching with Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Just like the protesters were doing in Charlotte, they believed in standing for what is right to create a better future for someone like Justin to live in.

Before his death, Carr told his mother “I just want to come down there and help out”. His mother continued to speak on how excited he was as he was bringing a hope of optimism as the soon to be father was expecting a newly born baby boy. He spoke proudly about the sports he wished to teach his son while his brother brought up how culturally aware Carr really was. He didn’t mind speaking out about social issues that bothered him the most and it’s sad through what he believed in, his life ended the way that it did. Another broken home and blood on a street whose wounds won’t heal so easily.

Is violence the answer? Certainly not, but Is it the answer overall? I wouldn’t say it is. Where’s the real justice? Do we have any? Killings such as Scott’s as well as Sandra Bland, Jordan Davis, and Michael Brown to name a few have been swept under the rug far too many times. When will the hurt and confusion finally end?

The truth is violence doesn’t solve a issue is makes it worse. Yes, the citizens were noticed and as a added result, or as I call it adding insult to injury, we received a 12:00 curfew. I’d say we’re a bit too old for curfews don’t you think? But let’s be honest here, only a child would destroy their own for attention which was exactly what took place. The city, local shops, and not to mention Walmart were all up for grabs in the art of destruction. I’m sure when you hear the name Walmart you think of long lines, low prices (sometimes), and rude customers that I should know about very well since I’ve dealt with it all.

At the time of the riot, I came in to work a rather early shift. Coming into your place of work to see the damage left behind is a taste worse than spoiled milk on your tongue (thank you beanboozled challange). How can we expect to have if we don’t value what we have?  Even the hours after the incident were crucial as time allowed us to regain what was loss rather seldom. Sadly, the dignity of those who destroyed  the area in question have a ways to go.  What was really gained when you, or they, destroyed a store and not only destroying your city, but your home? I’m almost certain Scott didn’t say “make sure you destroy your home”.  I get it, It hurts and you hate it, but destroying your own isn’t the answer. While investigators did what was needed, we were to remain closed a majority of the day as we spent that time helping to recover areas that needed it most.

Looking back on that day, I contemplated several times whether or not I should go over this along with the events that took place. I looked back to the story of Scott, what had happened exactly, including the story of Scott in regards to the court case. As I looked further into it and understood how the justice system seems to work, I fell on a few terms that i’m about to throw out there one of which would be Jury Nullification.

This simply means that if the jury believes that the law in question is indeed unjust or the punishment is excessive. The next pretty basic term would be Acquittal. Meaning that the jury does not find the defendant guilty or even that the evidence alone is insufficient. Seeing how the officer wasn’t charged with Scott’s murder, what does that say about our justice system? I mean is it really a justice system after all? Think about it, they arrested Rayquan Borum who shot and killed Carr as well as charged him with first degree murder and not saying he shouldn’t be arrested, but this is crazy! Citizen on citizen crime, ok. Officer on citizen crime, no justice?