Get Summer Ready With Trey RX “WAVVES PT II”

I have been pulled out of retirement per request. The last time I wrote a music review of any kind was back when I was fresh out of college. But why not break the rusty pipe and get the water flowing again? Why not share this latest track by TREY RX.

Now, where do I begin with this music review? Let us start with the production of WAVVES PT. II. The track was produced by artist and producer BoogieMadison. The overall feel of the tune, in my opinion, has an end of the summer vibe to it. And if you are a frequent listener of BoogieMadison, then you will get that feeling. The sound of WAVVES PT. II has elements of R&B experimental clashes but stays coherent of the alternative modern trap sound of today. The musicality of track gives viewers that mainstream commercial sensation, but still stays true an authentic Baltimore underground feel.TREY RX lyrics are not as gimmicky once you give the track a few rounds of play. When listening to the track there is a complexity being displayed within conveyance of the lyrics. Yes, there is some sort of egotistical flare, but he makes up for it with a little substance. You know food for thought within his lyricism.

What can I say about this song? The right combination of imperfection and perfection with the production to not make the song too mainstream. Does it have the feels? Yes, it has the feels for a late night cruise or early morning cooking breakfast jam. Will this be the tune to propel TREY RX? In my opinion, I believe it will, but that is up to viewers.

WAVVES PT II is available for listening on TREY RX SoundCloud