Famous by “Chance”? Let’s Talk Taylor Bennett

Famous by “Chance”? Let’s Talk Taylor Bennett

Most people aware of the rap industry know the “nicest rapper in the business” Chance the Rapper, whether that be his Acid Rap or Coloring Book, he’s become more and more of a household name.

But have you heard of his brother Taylor Bennett, who’s also making a name for himself in the rap industry? If you have, it was probably merely on their collaboration on “Broad Shoulders.” They resemble each other in more ways than one. Still, though Taylor’s voice is reminiscent of Chance’s acid rap days, he’s a bit more energetic lyrically and takes some different avenues with his music.

Taylor released his second full album (but fourth project) called “Restoration of an American Idol” to Soundcloud on February 23rd this year. On it, he once again collaborates with his brother on Grown Up Fairytales, on which the two are nearly indistinguishable apart from style. He also refers to it as his “best work yet,” which prefaces not only more to come but hopefully a mindset eager to continue to improve, a trait desperately lacking in today’s rap industry.

Furthermore, he continues to have mostly features on this album; it would be interesting to see if in the future he chooses to produce an album with no features, and how that would alter his sound moving forward, much like J.Cole on 2014 Forest Hills Drive.

Regardless, Taylor’s “Restoration of an American Idol” takes listeners through a variety of situations, in which he addresses race, his relationships with friends, family, and women, adolescence, struggles with drugs, and more. It’s safe to say that we can look forward to enjoying more honest music, like this album, in the future, especially as he continues to evolve.

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