At the start of the month, Document the Fresh presented the third installment of their photography series at the Bishop Gallery in New York City. On display features Brooklyn-based photographer Phil V and his Polaroid Project capturing some of the most influential and inspiring people of pop culture. Included are Jay Z, Vashtie Kola, Jeff Staple, Jonathan Mannion, Scott Sasso, Tasha Bleu, DJ Clark Kent, Bodega Bams and more. If you missed opening night at the gallery, closing reception will be August 30th 2pm-8pm at the gallery.

If you’re a collector or art enthusiasts and would like your very own art piece from Phil V, you can make a purchase via

See images below.






A Brooklyn-Native of many talents. Jeff writes, shoots, and edits visuals. In his spare time he catches up on the latest in what's happening in Hip Hop culture.

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