AfroPunk Atlanta Embraces The City’s Powerful, Hidden Culture

AfroPunk Atlanta Embraces The City’s Powerful, Hidden Culture

From Oct. 14 to Oct. 16, AfroPunk opened it’s gates to the city of Atlanta with the theme, Carnival of Conciousness. After being a success in London and Brooklyn, the city of Atlanta was ready to experience the extraordinary art, fashion, music and the SpinThrift Market that makes up the festival. With artists from Tyler the Creator to Soulection, AfroPunk provided festival goers with an unforgettable mix of performances.


When walking into the festival, the first thing that would catch your eye was the glow of murals on almost every wall and a large, glowing AfroPunk sign on the side of a building. Artwork and posters that embraced black culture covered every part of the venue. Festival goers couldn’t help but capture a moment in front of the eccentric artwork. AfroPunk’s fashion is known to be as eccentric as it’s artwork, and Atlanta’s crowd did not disappoint. The growth of the festival has put it’s unique fashion on the map with Coachella’s. Except at Afropunk, the fashion is a mix of African influences, punk, and fashion from popular decades—the 80s and 90s.

The festival emphasizes nondiscrimination against anyone, so self-expression was at it fullest. The festival offered body painting, and many festival-goers were spotted with different works of art on their bodies.


The music lineup had all the touches of punk, hip-hop, and soul. With two separate stages, the festival was able to host many musical talents in one night. Day One was a light mood with performances from St. Beauty, Gallant, Chris McClenney from Soulection, Big Freedia, Sza, and much more.Gallant, Kelela, Big Freedia and Sza had the biggest crowds out of all the performances that night.

Gallant swooned the women in the crowd with his soulful high notes and even sent everyone into a frenzy when he went out and touched his fans. Sza also stirred up her fans when she was late to her performance. When it was time for her to go on, you could hear the crowd chant her name before she arrived on stage.

Day Two was a packed with performances from Tyler the Creator—accompanied with Taco—, BLKKMORRIS, Earl Sweatshirt, DJ Florista and much more. Tyler had one of the biggest crowds that night along with Earl Sweatshirt.  His fans raved at his spontaneity and energy on stage.Tyler was even spotted on the side of the stage rapping the words of Earl’s songs during his performance. To the crowd’s surprise, Tyler jumped on stage, performed with him, and crowd surfed.

After all of the hype from the previous two days, Day Three was short. Performances included DJ Speakerfoxxx and Basco, Sofa King Evil, Ohso, Lion Babe, and more. Lion Babe’s performance held a large crowd similar to Sza’s. Her dynamic band and dancing aligned with the energy of the crowd. As the last performer on the stage, she left festival goers with a memorable ending to Afropunk Atlanta.